VIDEO: Iran Attacks Israel with Missiles, Drones

Iranian drones over Jerusalem as seen from our balcony

The view of the "fireworks" from our balcony

It was war in slow motion, sitting here in Jerusalem waiting after Iran launched more than 100 drones at Israel (it ended up being between 350 to 500 drones, cruise and ballistic missiles). From Iran. From Syria. From Yemen.

They were supposed to take almost nine hours to get here.

First, don’t panic, they said.

Second, here’s why you might want to panic: Iran could be strategically sending its slow drones first (did I mention they take nine hours to get here?) as a distraction and then follow with major ballistic weapons.

But at least we were awake for it! 

And at least 99 percent of them were intercepted and very few made it to Israeli airspace. 

And thankfully, a coalition of American, Jordanian and French forces joined the Israelis in shooting them down. 

But we did get fireworks. 

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