armenian genocide

The Forgotten Israeli Hostages

Well before 240 people in Israel were taken hostage on Oct. 7, Hamas had two other Israeli hostages in Gaza for more than nine years!  And it seems a whole nation forgot about them. Some people don’t even know.    And what’s more, they both have special needs, suffering from different mental and physical conditions. 

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BREAKDOWN: Who is Hamas?

If it weren’t already, Hamas became a household name on Oct. 7 2023 The group launched an unprecedented and shocking infiltration into Israel and carried out a massacre that took the lives of more than 1400 people in Israel. In a massive operation launched by Hamas an estimated 3000 Palestinians from Gaza crossed into Israeli

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New owner comes with armed guards, dogs to claim land in Armenian Quarter

Controversial deal is being contested but developer aims to start work nevertheless JERUSALEM—Tensions flared in the Armenian Quarter of the Old City last week when the new owner of a large portion of church land arrived with armed guards and attack dogs to begin building luxury accommodations that many fear will wipe out the centuries-long

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BREAKDOWN: Who is Hezbollah?

Always menacing Israel’s northern border and breathing threats against Israel and the U.S., will Hezbollah jump into this war? It goes without saying that when Hamas opens up a front with Israel on its southern border that everyone will look to the north to see if Hezbollah is going to get involved as well. Hezbollah

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