Shocking Footage: Moments that female Israeli Soldiers Attacked by Hamas

Israeli soldiers captured at Nahal Oz

The release of a video of the capture and abduction of five female soldiers rocked the country and intensified efforts by family members to demand the government make a deal now to bring the remaining 125 hostages in Gaza home. 

The never-scene-before Hamas footage shows the five girls taking shelter from rockets and gunfire and then later when Hamas terrorists found them, killing 15 of their companions and abducting seven. The murdered soldiers’ bodies are not seen on the video.

But the menacing threats of the Hamas gunmen, one of whom observed that the girls can be impregnated, was left in.

The footage was released with permission of the living girls’ families.

It sparked a massive outcry and inflamed protests around the country. Last week’s rally featured many world leaders who called attention to the plight of the remaining hostages.

These hostages represent so much more than just who they are,” said former First Lady Hillary Clinton. “They are citizens of 17 countries, they practice five religions, they are our fellow men and women and yes children.”


Here is a press release from Hostage Family Forum:

With the decision of the parents of the five female observers who were taken hostage from the Nahal Oz base and are still being held captive by Hamas, the Families Forum is now releasing to the public and the media the video of the girls’ capture, as recorded by the body cameras of Hamas terrorists on 7/10.

On that horrific Saturday, 15 female observers were murdered, and seven were abducted alive from the Nahal Oz base. Ori Megidish was rescued by IDF forces after 23 days in captivity; Noa Marciano was murdered by Hamas terrorists while in captivity, and her body was returned by the IDF for burial in Israel. Five female observers – Liri Albag, Karina Ariev, Agam Berger, Daniela Gilboa, and Naama Levy – have been held captive by Hamas for 229 days.

The video, which spans 3 minutes and 10 seconds, has been edited and censored to exclude the most disturbing scenes, such as the numerous young men and women murdered at the Nahal Oz base and inside the bomb shelter from which the female observers were taken, as well as many scenes of extreme brutality. The footage reveals the violent, humiliating, and traumatizing treatment the girls endured on the day of their abduction, their eyes filled with raw terror.

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