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Bella Haim, Holocaust survivor
A Holocaust Survivor and the Kidnapped Grandson
“I have two stories. The first is the Holocaust. The second is Oct. 7.”
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What is the deal with Armenia's Recognition of a Palestinian state?
The nation of Armenia recognized a Palestinian state today. What implications does this have for Jews in Armenia and Armenians in Israel?
Hostages rescued!
Four Israeli hostages were rescued alive today in a complex operation by Israeli special forces in a crowded central Gaza market
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VIDEO: Interview on John Haller's Israel Update
I appeared on John Haller's show to talk about the escalation with Hezbollah in the North, the tense political situation and a violent Jerusalem Day
Interview on The Tamara Scott Show
I appeared on Tamara Scott's show to give an update on the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas, hostages and possible warrants issued against Israelis
Israeli soldiers captured at Nahal Oz
Shocking Footage: Moments that female Israeli Soldiers Attacked by Hamas
This haunting video shows five young female Israeli soldiers being taken by Hamas from their base on Oct. 7
GodTV interview
INTERVIEW@GodTV: Raising a family in a war zone
I spoke with Fergus Scarfe at God TV on how my family copes with living a "normal life" in a war zone here in Jerusalem
Iranian drones over Jerusalem as seen from our balcony
VIDEO: Iran Attacks Israel with Missiles, Drones
Sirens followed explosions from Iran's launch of more than 350 suicide drones and missiles at Israel on April 14
The two daughters of Ohad Ben Ami being held hostage in Gaza hand a Purim delivery to Kneset Member Benny Gantz
Purim: To Revel or not to Revel?
Israelis are conflicted over how to celebrate Purim, not the least of whom are those whose loved ones are still hostages in Gaza
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