here's my story...

I  moved to Jerusalem in 2001 and learned many things the hard way! As I fumbled my way through the Old City, I met the people and communities that have made this city tick for centuries. Oh, I also met my husband and ended up staying.


As a journalist, I like to bring a fresh and sometimes humorous perspective to my content. I enjoy breaking down the complexities of Middle East geopolitics. One of my focuses is on the minority communities in the Holy Land and the religious, political, cultural and identity challenges they face.


On my YouTube channel I highlight fascinating tidbits from this intense city and give a platform to the people behind the stories. As a freelancer my work has appeared in The Jerusalem Post, The Media Line and Charisma, among others. I have also worked at The Associated Press and was previously the news editor of All Israel News and All Arab News, two start-up websites based in Jerusalem.


Born and raised in Queens, N.Y., I now call Jerusalem – gulp – “home” and, here, Tony and I raise our three rather animated children who very eagerly “assist” in all things related to our work on YouTube.